Wednesday, July 2, 2014

England Scrimmage

Today we played a scrimmage against England. It was not an official test match--4 periods, 25 minutes each. We played each match with a different lineup and as if it were it's own game. I did not play in this scrimmage, but was on the video crew. It turns out it was a great idea to switch from being a film major in college because I was terrible with the camera! Being on the sidelines allows for a different perspective for the players on the field, so I tried to help out with pointers based on individual goals. I also went through a killer watt bike (just learned what this is) workout with one of our strength trainers, Adam. Appropriately, my legs and glutes were fired up and burnt out as the team prepped for match time.

The game was certainly a learning experience for all of us in many ways. We played a lot of defense and got much better communicating with each other and moving around the ball. The four period structure gave us the opportunity to play with many different combinations which will benefit us as we move forward to the World Cup.

Leading up to this match day, we had 2 days of training back in Wales. The first was a 2 session day, the second with 1 training session. Our 3 practices were intense and focused on specifics of our game that we could improve before this match.

Wales was a really great place to visit and train. The people there were always friendly and kind to us. We made good friends with one of the night shift workers at the hotel, so much so that he just walked into our room to chat..what a gem ;) I'm happy to add a new country to my list of places I've been!

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